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Thinking of getting a new satellite tv system? Not sure whether to go for DirecTV or Dish Network satellite tv? Well, here at Universal Satellite we have done all the research for you by comparing Dish Network vs DirecTV , the range of satellite tv systems on special offer and of course the dealers that install them! Simply read the reviews, check out the special deals and then click through to the dealers site for more info on a new satellite tv system in Kauai County ...

Satellite Television Technology...
Home entertainment has really entered the 21st century with satellite television utilising the latest digital technology which ensures pure DVD picture and sound quality, and for those that want it HDTV! There are many different deals on offer to suit sports fans, movie buffs or simply a huge selection of your favourite programmes and channels. What's more, the advent of Dish DVR and TiVo have spawned a whole new satellite television experience allowing you to record (digital video recording - no tapes!), pause live tv, in fact get a truly interactive experience! So don't delay, upgrade your home entertainment experience now with Universal Satellite...

Are you looking for satellite tv in Kauai County... Hawaii? Universal Satellite has the solution...


VMC - Dish Network Satellite TV in Kauai County...Hawaii

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satellite tv in Kauai County
by VMC Satellite

VMC Satellite
Having grown to become the largest online Dish Network satellite dealer, VMC Satellite always have some of the best deals on offer! VMC also offer installation on your motorhome or trailer so you never have to miss a big game or your favourite programme again! Of course, the full range of sports, movies, entertainment channels and latino programming are available, with the option of multiple receivers, HDTV and Dish DVR, so all you have to do is choose the right deal for you!

SPECIAL OFFER - FREE Installation of 4 receivers in up to 4 rooms with an optional digital Personal Video Recorder capable of recording 60 hours of programming without tapes and two HDTV receivers! NO EQUIPMENT TO BUY!
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iDishNetwork - Dish Network Satellite TV in Kauai County... Hawaii

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satellite tv in Kauai County
by iDishNetwork

iDishNetwork.com is one of the nation’s premier online Dish Network dealers. They have a range of excellent satillite tv deals with fast professional installation services anywhere in the US. Whatever satellite television system you require they have a package deal to suit including multiple receiver systems, HDTV or the latest Dish DVR digital recording.

SPECIAL OFFER - Digital Home Advantage. This new promotion offers customers an easy, affordable, complete home solution. Pay a $49.99 activation fee and get a $49.99 credit on your first bill, making your activation free.

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SPECIAL OFFER - Free-for-All. NO CONTRACTS; NO COMMITMENT! Purchase a one-receiver system for $149 and get a $10 monthly credit for 15 months, or purchase a two-receiver system for $199 and get a $10 monthly credit for 20 months.
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SatPro - Dish Network Satellite TV in Kauai County... Hawaii

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satellite tv in Kauai County

SatPro Network
SatPro are all about offering the best satellite tv deals available. They have an extensive list of Dish Network deals making sure you get exacty the right satellite tv system for exactly the right price! Choose from optional HDTV systems, 1-4 room recievers or the latest Dish DVR interactive tv for the best in home entertainment.

SPECIAL OFFER - NO EQUIPMENT TO BUY including dish PVR! Get 1 month FREE all subscription programming and locals from just $36.99 a month! Activation fee ($49.99) iincludes 3 months FREE subscription!
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Rapid Satellite - DirecTV in Kauai County... Hawaii

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satellite tv in Kauai County
by Rapid Satellite

Rapid Satellite
Rapid Satellite is one of the highest rated providers of DirecTV satellite systems and services to homes throughout the USA. If you are fan of NFL then you won't want to be without DirecTV's awesome NFL sports package! They also provide the latest technology through TiVo which allows you to digitally record, pause live tv and lots, lots more. Rapid Satelite offer the complete package deal including multiple receivers, HDTV, Tivo technology and all your favourite channels and programmmes.


FREE Standard Installation

FREE Shipping (after rebate)

FREE Choice of DVD Player, Digital Camera or Luggage/Backpack

FREE HBO and Cinemax for 3 Months

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Expert Satellite - DirecTV Satellite Systems in Kauai County... Hawaii

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satellite tv in Kauai County
byExpert Satellite

Expert Satellite
Expert Satellite offers a multitude of special deals all at great prices! Whatsmore, all orders for new Direct TV satellite tv systems inlcude FREE standard professional installation. This includes all receivers ordered from Expert Satallite and is a $199 value! Of course you can choose from all the great DirecTV channels and optional extras such as HDTV, TiVo and DirecWay for the latest in satellite broadband internet services.

SPECIAL OFFER - Why not fill your house with up to 5 DirecTV receivers including FREE shipping, FREE installation and 3 months FREE HBO!!
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Mini-Dish - DirecTV Satellite Systems in Kauai County... Hawaii

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satellite tv in Kauai County
by Mini-Dish

Mini-Dish offer a simple solution to your satellite tv needs in conjunction with DirecTV with a multiple reciever system at an amazing price! Of course all your favourite shows are available including the NFL and other major sports, 100's of movies and just about every other entertainment channel including Playboy! Mini-Dish also offer DirecWay for the latest in internet broadband via satellite so you can surf the web at full speed.

SPECIAL OFFER - Choose a 1, 2, 3or 4 room DIRECTV System absolutely FREE! Installation is included at NO CHARGE on the first 3 receivers, and is $40.00 for the 4th receiver. Also, customers will receive 3 FREE months of HBO!
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SPECIAL OFFER - DIRECWAY high-speed satellite broadband internet connection. Surf the web with the fastest possible connection available utilizing the latest broad band technology with FREE installation and equipment reduced from $299 to just $69.97!!!
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